Cora Emmanuel, Lindsey Wixson and Ondria Hardin by Vivian Sassen for M Le Monde April 2013.

If Andromeda were brighter, this is how it would look in our night sky. They’re all out there, we just can’t see them
Distance to Earth: 2,538,000 light years
quentindebriey: may 2014

olivia ståhlbrandt & josefin gustavsson by nina holma for revs magazine

i want you right now in my bed, in my life, in my heart. i want you

The Rhinemaidens Risograph Print by Alex-Simpson on Flickr.

the devil and god are shredding inside me 

Animation done for art class. It was originally supposed to be just black and white, but since this is my first attempt at animating anything, it looked a bit dull so I threw some colours and textures at it in photoshop